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Katie Schade

Welcoming Katie To Kaycee


            My name is Katie Schade and I am the new NRCS Rangeland Management Specialist here in Kaycee. I was fortunate enough to grow up on our family owned and operated cattle ranch in New Mexico. Growing up on a working cattle ranch with my family instilled in me the importance of hard work, integrity, adapting to the changes and challenges of ranch life, and the absolute necessity of two senses…common sense and a good sense of humor. I realize how blessed I am to have grown up the way I did. I take pride in the fact that when I was younger and now I work in and with an industry that provides food and other necessities to not only the United States but the rest of the world as well. 


            I attended the University of Wyoming where I double majored in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management / Environment and Natural Resources. For two summers during my undergraduate years I interned with the NRCS in Douglas and Pinedale. After my bachelors I attended graduate school and received my masters in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management as well as a certification in Reclamation and Restoration Ecology.


            In May of 2013 I was placed full-time in Worland, Wy where I worked for two years, mainly on irrigation projects. I transferred to the Kaycee Field Office on May 4, 2015 and am excited to get back to working on rangelands as well as continuing to work with any farmland projects.


            I am a member of the Society for Range Management and chair of the Student Activities Committee for Wyoming’s state section of SRM. I am Secretary for the Wyoming State Muzzle Loading Association and enjoy shooting black powder competitively around the state. I also enjoy riding horses, photography, being involved in a local church, dancing, hunting, and fishing.


            I am very excited to be in Kaycee and look forward to meeting and working with all of you. If you have any questions about the Natural Resources Conservation Service or are willing to stop by and introduce yourself please do!

Arbor Day Celebrations

Tenth Annual Arbor Day Celebration


               This year to celebrate Arbor Day the Powder River Conservation District worked with the Town of Kaycee, Wyoming State Forestry, Boys and Girls Club of Kaycee, and community members planted 2 Quaking Aspen at the Meike Bunkhouse, in addition to their annual Adopt a Tree Program with the KES students.


DSCN1319aDSCN1339aKaycee’s official Arbor Day Celebration occurred on Tuesday, May 5th, when Councilwoman Jennifer Lompe and the kids from the Boys and Girls Club joined PRCD District Manager Anita Bartlett and Kelly Norris with State Forestry to plant the 2 trees and listen to Councilwoman Lompe read the Arbor Day proclamation. Following the reading of the proclamation Councilwoman Lompe was presented with an award for the Town of Kaycee as they have completed 9 years as a Tree City USA Town.


            The PRCD would like the send out our Thanks to the following people: Meike Bunkhouse, Sandy Dixon, the Town of Kaycee, the Boys and Girls Club, and all of the community members for all of their help, support and efforts on this project. It is because of people like you we are able to do projects like this to help continually improve our community. Thank You.

Cost Share Programs

PRCD Offering Cost Share Programs


            The PRCD is offering two Cost Share Programs: the first is for large rural projects that make a positive difference on the land. This is a cost share program where the PRCD matches 65% up to $20,000, on a reimbursement basis.  Projects will be reviewed by staff, then it must be approved by the PRCD board before they are initiated. The deadline to turn in applications is 4pm on Wednesday, July 1, 2015. Some examples of projects that qualify under this program are: Solar pumping units, fencing for implementing rotational grazing systems on pastures, or fencing riparian areas to reduce impacts of livestock grazing.


            The second cost share program provides incentive for residents and businesses to conserve soil, water and energy. The program also encourages beautification of the landscape. This program matches 50% up to $1000, on a reimbursement basis. Some examples of projects that qualify under this program are: planting trees and shrubs, xeriscaping to replace traditional lawns, and installation of efficient drip systems for trees and shrubs. These applications are reviewed monthly and can be applied for at any time during the year.


            For more information on these cost share programs or for an application please contact the PRCD office at (307) 738-2321 or stop by the office at 350 Nolan Avenue, Kaycee, WY.


PRCD Makes Changes to Recycling Program

PRCD Makes Changes to its E-Waste Program

http://ts4.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.5014499706930723&pid=1.7&w=162&h=143&c=7&rs=1The Powder River Conservation District wants to thank everyone who has brought in their E-Waste and encourage anyone who has E-Waste to please bring it in to us. However, we are no longer accepting TV’s.  They can be recycled at the Buffalo Recycling Center. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

So far we have collected almost 2 tons of E-waste (this does not include the 36 computer monitors and 42 TVs collected as well). The E-waste we collect is donated to Cutting Edge Industries a division of NOWCAP Services in Casper. NOWCAP & Cutting Edge Industries exist to create employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities or people who have experienced a brain injury. For a complete list of items that can be recycled please contact the PRCD Office or check out our Newsletter.

Please feel free to drop of your E-waste at the District Office located at 350 Nolan Avenue in Kaycee, WY.

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