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Estate Planning Workshop

  Estate Planning Workshop

Keeping the Ranch in the Family

Don’t Miss this opportunity to learn about the basics of estate planning. This workshop is free of charge and taught by native Wyoming Attorney, Robert Wyatt. Mr. Wyatt has 40 years of professional experience in estate and tax planning. We have tailored the workshop for ranch owning families who are interested in keeping their ranch in the family.  

January 26, 2016


Harold Jarrard Park Building

Kaycee, Wyoming 

This workshop is open to the public and is brought to you through a partnership between the Powder River Conservation District and the Plank Stewardship Initiative. Reserve your space by contacting PRCD Manager, Anita Bartlett at 307-738-2321 or anita.bartlett@wy.nacdnet.net

John Lawrence to Retire

John Lawrence Retires with 33 Years of Service to the NRCS

John began working for the NRCS as a soil conservation technician in 1982. He has served under three district conservationists (Jerry Gladson, Phil Gonzales and Allison McKenzie). John was born and raised in Johnson County on the family ranch northeast of Buffalo, WY. He and his wife currently reside on the family operation that has thrived for over 90 years. John and Verna have four grown children and Verna recently retired from service with the Johnson County Sherriff’s office. 

John’s commitment to local producers has been invaluable to the conservation efforts in Johnson County. Water development, irrigation management, grazing systems and stock water pipelines are just a few areas of expertise that John has applied his common sense approach to during his career. His vast knowledge of the local area, its historical timeline, and the affordable approach to conservation practices has earned him the respect of landowners, contractors, and fellow staff members. Training newly hired NRCS engineers and technicians across the entire state is yet another way John has proven to be an invaluable resource to our agency.

While John has many accolades in his career, his fellow employees will  testify that his ability to bring levity to the office during stressful work  environments is the true reason John will be missed. The office “prankster” has facilitated many laughs throughout the years all while maintaining a professional manner. John possesses a working experience that can’t be found in a book or ever replaced. The miles upon miles of stockwater pipeline that has been  designed by John Lawrence and the conservation practices implemented within our county will serve as testament to a job well done for generations to come. 



Please join the local NRCS staff in thanking John for 33 years of  service as we bid him good luck in his retirement.

January 8, 2016

Occidental Hotel and Saloon

5-7 p.m.

Drinks, Laughter and Memories!!



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