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EWP Update

  Emergency Watershed Protection Program

The Powder River CD and the NRCS want to take a moment to update the community on our Emergency Watershed Protection Program Projects as there are many of you who will be affected by these projects or see the benefits from them. We would like to thank everyone for their continued patience as we work towards completing these projects.

· The Nolan Diversion EWP Project is currently construction, the bottom cross vane has been completed, along with the rocked pool. Construction has been started on the top cross vane, with dirt work and reclamation still to be done, we hope to see the project completed in the next few week. This deadline will be dependent on the weather and river conditions.

· The Harold Jarrard Park EWP project as in the final design stages and we hope to have a final design soon. We anticipated starting this project following spring run-off.

 The Harold Jarrard Park project will have a formal bid process and pre-bid site visit, but at this time those dates have not been set. Please continue to watch the Voice and Buffalo Bulletin for bid notices and do not hesitate to contact the PRCD or NRCS with any question that you may have.

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District Cost Share Program

  PRCD Offering Cost Share Programs

The PRCD is offering two Cost Share Programs: the first is for large rural projects that make a positive difference on the land. This is a cost share program where the PRCD matches 65% up to $20,000, on a reimbursement basis.  Projects will be reviewed by staff, then it must be approved by the PRCD board before they are initiated. The deadline to turn in applications is 4pm on Friday, June 30, 2017. Some examples of projects that qualify under this program are: Solar pumping units, fencing for implementing rotational grazing systems on pastures, or fencing riparian areas to reduce impacts of livestock grazing.

The second cost share program provides incentive for residents and businesses to conserve soil, water and energy.  The program also encourages beautification of the landscape. This program matches 50% up to $1000, on a reimbursement basis. Some examples of projects that qualify under this program are: planting trees and shrubs, xeriscaping to replace traditional lawns, and installation of efficient drip systems for trees and shrubs. These applications are reviewed monthly and can be applied for at any time during the year.

For more information on these cost share programs or for an application please contact the PRCD office at (307) 738-2321 or stop by the office at 350 Nolan Avenue, Kaycee, WY.


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